Give yourself wings – go paragliding!

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  • Go paragliding in Cape Town

Paragliding South Africa

Residents of Cape Town’s city bowl and Atlantic Seaboard are quite used to the sight of colourful paragliders drifting down from Lion’s Head or Signal Hill on clear and sunny days.

Paragliding is loads of fun, and many of our more adventurous guests are eager to try it out. So we send them to Paraglide South Africa, one of the country’s leading paraglide schools. Owner Wayne Heuer is a seasoned flyer and instructor and has introduced hundreds of people to this exhilerating activity. He and his team will organise tours or flights for experienced solo pilots, or will do tandem flights for those with no experience.

“Tandem paragliding is fun and easy,” says Wayne. “Before your flight we’ll give you a briefing and then we’ll have a great take off, flight and landing. The joy on people’s faces once they have experienced flight is hugely rewarding for me, and no doubt for them too!”

What is paragliding?

Contrary to what many people believe, paragliding is not about jumping off high places and floating down, like with a parachute. A paraglider is actually an inflatable wing that works just like an aircraft wing. The pilot inflates the glider, raises it into the air, and then takes off by running down a slope. The pilot then uses rising air and thermals to stay aloft, choosing to land at the base of the same hill or gliding over great distances.

There are popular paragliding sites right near the city, as well as further out near small towns like Porterville and Hermanus. A paragliding tour of several days could make an unforgettable holiday.

Book your flight

If you are a guest at the Bay Atlantic, you can organise your flight through us. Or contact Paraglide South Africa directly:

Tel: 083 251 9892

Note: Tandem paragliding is considered safe, but as with all aviation sports there is risk and all passengers are required to sign a disclaimer before they undertake this activity.

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