Whale watching in Cape Town – video

Southern Right Whales Breaching in Glencairn, filmed with a quadcopter. 04/08/16.
Go to 3rd minute if you want to see the action.

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Western Cape and Camps Bay are TripAdvisor favourites!

Capetonians are known to be quite vocal about their love for the city and surrounding areas of the Western Cape, and it would seem their pride is not misplaced. TripAdvisor, the authoritative international travel site, recently released its Taveller’s Choice list of the most popular destinations in South Africa – and the Cape leads the way by far. Our very own Camps Bay gets a mention all to itself. […]

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Relief as South Africa relaxes strict visa rules

The South African government has agreed to relax the strict visa rules that required all children entering and leaving the country to carry their original, unabridged birth certificates. The regulations, introduced in June this year, were widely seen as having a negative impact on tourism to the country. […]

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Camps Bay beach gets prestigious Blue Flag long-service award

Our very own Camps Bay beach is one of 7 beaches in the greater Cape Town area to receive the prestigious Blue Flag status for the 2015/2016 season. This was confirmed at an awards function in Hermanus earlier this month.

Not only was our local beach awarded Blue Flag status again, it was also awarded a Blue Flag Bronze award for having maintained this status for the last 5 years. Our neighbour, Clifton 4th Beach, received a Silver award for 10 years of Blue Flag status. […]

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It’s official – Camps Bay is one of Africa’s top beaches!

Summer has arrived in Cape Town and it’s time to hit the beaches. As it turns out, the Bay Atlantic Guest House is just metres away from one of Africa’s Top sun & sand destinations – Camps Bay beach.

TripAdvisor, the authoritative international travel site, has announced its prestigious Traveller’s Choice list of 25 Top Beaches in […]

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Bay Atlantic guest enjoys thrilling paraglide flight – live video

If you’re heading to Cape Town and you’re looking for some adventure, then you really have to try paragliding. We recommend it to all our guests and for many of them it’s a real highlight of their stay.

Renier Lombard and his partner Tanya recently spent a weekend at the Bay Atlantic Guest House, and we challenged them to take the leap. They readily agreed, and they sent us this video of Renier’s flight. […]

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Cape Town makes it into beautiful cities list

We’ve just heard that Cape Town has been included in UK newspaper The Telegraph’s list of The World’s Most Beautiful Cities. We come in at number 12, just after Rome! First on their list is Isfahan in Iran. […]

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What’s special about this Cape Town photographer?

We've been sharing a lot of Cape Town photographer Brian van Hansen's photos, so we thought we'd find out a bit more about him. When we called him up for a chat we had already seen his inspiring photos of the city and local landscapes, but what we didn't know was that Brian doesn't use a professional digital camera - he shoots everything with a cellphone!
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Cape Town’s rare electrical storm caught on camera

It’s not often that Cape Town gets electrical storms, but this week we were treated to a fine display of atmospheric drama. Local photographer Brendon Wainwright wasted no time in getting a front-row seat and took the incredible pic featured above. It shows a view across Camps Bay to Lion’s Head and beyond. Brendon says […]

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Let’s go sailing

The sun is beginning to shine again and Spring looks like it’s ready to arrive. Which means it’s a great time to get out on the water and do some sightseeing in style. We thoroughly recommend Yacoob’s Yachts, which runs daily leisure cruises around Cape Town Harbour and along the sparkling Atlantic coastline.

The photo above shows […]

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