The Bar

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Conveniently situated on our first floor the casual / laid back bar area is a popular gathering spot for our guests whilst enjoying a glass of wine or an ice cold beer. At the start of the day this part of the house also acts as the centre stage for our renowned breakfast buffet, thereafter it becomes the meeting place for mingling and socializing. With its memorabilia clad walls and its unpretentious but inviting ambiance, the bar extends a warm welcome for all to spend more than just a moment or two there!
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24 Hour turnaround laundry service offered in house: Full load washed / ironed. R75.00.
 Toiletries in all Suites / Rooms are imported from Gilchrist & Soames. 
Sweets / biscuits in all rooms are supplied by The Treat Company. 
Guest bar with a comprehensive selection of local beers, wines and excellent bubbly

NO SMOKING is allowed inside the property, including balconies/terraces attached to any one of the rooms. If you would like to smoke, please use the garden area to the left of the pool deck.